Hello world!

29 Mar

Finally, after many, many years of resisting the trend and being uncool, I have created a blog.

The vision for this blog is to:

  • Share my travel insights
    …in order to enable deeper learning from my experiences and cultural exposures, I hope to share my adventures. With many thanks to ThoughtWorks for hiring me and subsequently sending me overseas for work purposes – without you, I may have never caught the travel bug.
  • Let friends and family know I’m still alive
    …so that the travel bug does not render me invisible and unheard-from – a common symptom of the worldly traveller.
  • Share reading links
    …Because I like to read a variety of things, and love sharing what I find value in.
  • Discuss application of reading insights
    …and to useful ways of applying the new insights, as part of self-guided professional development.

But first, a brief introduction:
Hi, I’m Olivia.
Mam na imie Oliwia.
Je m’appelle Olivia.
Mein name ist Olivia.
Watashi no namae wa Olivia des.
By now, you may have inferred two key things about me: I like to learn (hence the focus of this blog on my experiences, insights and learning) and I like languages – well actually, that’s not entirely true. I like observing and understanding different cultures, which is likely what left me so susceptible to the travel bug.
Beyond that, I also like to have fun (but who doesn’t?), thrive on constant change and new experiences, and deep down just want to help others in finding solutions.

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