Social Networking meets Knowledge Management

9 Apr

I am currently deep in the realms of a knowledge management project, where social networking aspects are woven in extensively. Being new to this domain, I conducted some basic searches, and realised that the use of social platforms, or social business software, is fast becoming a commonality, and so I endeavoured to find out more. As there are a number of ways to refer to this concept, I will settle on calling it SKM (Social Knowledge Management) from here on in.

What is SKM?

My understanding thus far is that SKM combines the use of social networking platforms with the ability to store, retrieve and contribute to documents, discussions, and other points of “knowledge”, within a particular community. A simplified example of this, I guess, would be using a Facebook “group” to plan an event with four of your friends – within this group you can store documents, access those documents, host discussions, send group messages, invite others from your extended networks to join and add their insight, and so on. The premise is that by combining social and collaborative tools, group members (or employees in a business setting) can work on documents, share ideas and talk to each other in a virtual/online space, to share and improve upon their own knowledge, and consequently increase the knowledge of everyone within the organisation too.

Finally, I’d like to share some interesting reading materials I came across trawling for information:


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