Shopping Girly; Shopping Geeky

30 Apr

I adore shopping in India, where the fashion tends towards the colourful and the shiny, and these shoes are certainly no exception:

Not only that, but I found a place offering fish pedicures. This is a novelty not just to me, but to the locals as well – so whilst it is not really an Indian experience, I simply could not pass up an opportunity for my feet to be swarmed by carnivorous fish,  all whilst I sat reading my Kindle. Ah, if only I had brought a camera!

I have to admit, at first dipping my feet into the fish tank was quite unnerving. As my feet neared the water, the fish swarmed with greater eagerness. As my feet drew away, they too drew away, as if confused by the lost presence. After satisfying my initial childish intrigue, I plunged my feet in the water, only to be shocked by the tickling sensation – having fish eat your feet is a remarkable experience (disclaimer: both the fish and my feet survived the encounter).

And finally, to share something from the Australian market, and further promote futile consumerism, check out these classy USB Cufflinks.


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