Retrospective Sandwich

19 Aug

In the middle of running a retrospective, just the other day, I realised that the somewhat standard focus of “what went well; what didn’t; what can we do better” is effectively an adapted feedback sandwich.

The feedback sandwich is, at best, a guide on how to give another person feedback in a less hurtful or confronting manner. It’s really easy to put together. The recipe features: 2 Positive Comments in place of bread slices; 1 constructive comment in place of salads and cured meats (is anyone else hungry just now?).

By starting and finishing on a positive note, the feedback is meant to not only be easier to deliver, but also more appetising for the receiver to take action on later. In this same way, the “what went well” and the “what can we do better” can be seen as a different variation of the positive bread slices, whilst the “what didn’t” focuses more on the meatier part of team development.

Puns aside, having realised this, I am aware that there is more room to create energising, or even inspiring, team retrospectives. Time to cook up a little something for the next one 😉


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