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OpenMRS – February Update

18 Feb

Wow! It’s a been a while, and so much has been happening – 2013 is proving to be a very exciting year indeed!

This is true not only for my own life, but also for the life of our OpenMRS project. Since my first attendance at the “hacknight” late last year, we’ve moved onto the next section of the module, seen new faces, worked on a spin-off project looking into the potential use of OpenMRS for indigenous Australia, and moved to Tuesday nights.

Now, we’re looking to revamp the induction experience, build up our backlog, do heeeaaaps! of testing, and get more awesome people taking up the cause. This means we’re looking for all types of people to join us – so whether you’re interested in coding, testing, writing stories, or any other aspect you feel might be useful, consider this your invitation to join us.

More information on the Melbourne weekly event can be found here: http://www.meetup.com/melbourne-hack-nights/

And if you’re not in Melbourne, but want to take part, I’d love to chat about that too.


OpenMRS – Night 1 of Many

21 Nov

I’m currently at an OpenMRS hack night – the first of many such nights that I intend to be part of. I’m coming up to speed with the cause, and the module we’re working on. It’s pretty interesting work, and I’m thrilled to be part of it.

What I’m not so thrilled about is the turn out. That’s why I want to see YOU there! Come on!

Here’s the deets for the Melbourne & Sydney hack nights:

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If you’re interested in coming, and want to know how you can help out – just let me know!