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What am I up to?

23 Oct

You may have noticed an unusual blog post yesterday. If you did, you’re probably wondering “what work? what testing? what’s going on?”.

I’m working on a really exciting campaign!
There’s this really, really cool challenge that gets people – yes people like you! – to experience what living below the poverty line is like, so that through their own experiences, they can educate themselves and others about poverty. Oh yeah, and in turn raise funds for some really cool education work that (a) furthers that awareness here in Australia and (b) helps break the poverty cycle for people in AsiaPac!

For an inspiring organisation
I’m working with an organisation of under 26-year-olds, in Australia, looking to end global poverty. The same people behind the Make Poverty History amazingness. It’s a really cool volunteer organisation. It’s… The Oaktree Foundation!

We’re doing really cool things!
By primarily focusing on the experience of the participants (and the donors, we can’t forget them!), particularly as they use the online platform from which we run the campaign, we’re planning changes here and there to make it more useful, engaging and more integrated.
As part of this, I’m spending time brainstorming, researching, talking to people, and testing out other existing experiences – the last of which is why I posted such a random post yesterday. The great part is that it’s both fun and challenging to reach out to real people and use their insights to drive our work – it helps us know we’re going in the right direction.

Why should you care?
Because I’m excited about it!
But also, because you could help us out… yes you! Although the campaign is being run in early 2013, we’re on the lookout for all sorts of interested people to help it be a success. Maybe you could test out what we’re working on, let us pick your brains, or better still!, help us connect with your workplace to help grow the campaign.

Do let me know if you can spare an hour or two 🙂